Early Intervention Centre for Hearing Impaired

Indo trust has implemented the Early Intervention Centre for young children with hearing impaired since 2008 in Perambalur district it gives special training to the children for their speech and language development in the age groups of 0 -6 years. We have stepped in to sixth year continuously with the support of District Disabled Welfare Office, Government of Tamilnadu, Perambalur district. At present, 21 children in which 13 girls and 8 boys are enrolled in the centre.

The Early Intervention Centre is located in the campus of Panchayath Union Primary School – East, Sangupettai, Perambalur. It is an easy access place from all over the district. Teaching Methods are Kinder Garden method, Montessori Method, Structural method, Natural method, apple tree, these all methods are combined as “DHVANI” Method. The mothers will be accompanied by children during the sessions in the class room and how to take care of the children in homes - “DEVELOPMENT HEARING VOICE AND NATURAL INTEGRATION’’- DHVANI

Identification Camps of Early Invention children

DDAWO office has conducted awareness camp on identifying Differently abled children including Early Intervention Children. We identified three Early Intervention children and enrolled in our centre.