Health and HIV/AIDS

Rural Health Centre

Rural Health Centre was run in Ayakudi village of Veppur block. The centre has been going on from 1992-96 with community participation. One male doctor and one female nurse took care of the centre. Simavi supported as one time grant for purchasing equipments to centre. People contributed the service and medicine costs to Health Centre for their treatment.

Tamilnadu Family Care and Continuum (TNFCC)

TNFCC was implemented for rescuing the HIV/AIDS affected families for providing the care and support with home based care techniques. The program was executed in ten blocks of Perambalur and Ariyalur District from September 2005 to March 2009. About 853 PLHAs’ family members and provided care and support with the support and collaboration of Government Hospital of Perambalur and Salem.

The organization has motivated on how to protect from Opportunity diseases, home based care, child care, regular treatment, low cost nutritional food preparation, women health care, anti and post natal care, safe sex methods, access of health and medical care, gathering and sensitization meeting for Focused Group Discussion to prolong their life period, improving their attitude towards earning, though the program is common, it is mainly focused on women and girls. We have established self confidence to live and there are many sources to live and we are nothing compared to others when get knowledge from the sharing. We have improved the attitude to go for institutional care to rescue from further physical and psychological complications / depressions. The stress of suicide has been completely reduced and now they are living for them and for their existing children. They have realized that Death is common for all either they may be rich or poor; healthy or unhealthy, infected or not etc.The project was supported by TANSACS, Chennai. Technical support was given by SAATHI, Chennai.

CEmONC Counselling Centre

The project insists on Hospital Deliveries to save the lives of both mother and child and reducing IMR and MMR. It is fully insisting on mother and child health care. We provide counselling services for accessing hospital deliveries for safe delivery. We have covered 164196 pregnant mothers in five years period and addressed on pre and post natal care, nutritious food etc. The scheme has reduced the IMR and MMR compared to previous years. The program was supported by TNHSP, Perambalur district. The project was located in Ariyalur and Jayankondam Government Hospitals on behalf of INDO Trust from August 2005 to October 2009.

TB Program in Pudukottai

INDO Trust conducted TB awareness programs in Pudukkottai District among the rural mass collaborating with REEACH, Chennai. The people made aware on TB and they came forward to access the treatment from recovering the disease. It was aware that TB is curable in very beginning stage; but in later stages, the people have to take medicines for long period for recovering as well as controlling of disease.