Children Programme

Child Line 1098

Child line 1098 is National 24 hours free emergency telephone helpline for children in distress. It is joint action of Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, New Delhi and Department of Social Defence of Government of Tamilnadu, Chennai.

Indo Trust was selected by Child Line India Foundation, Mumbai after scrutinizing. The process was started in January2015 and MOU was signed in July 2015.  child line India office functions from 191Q, MG Puram - Perambalur.

The project is implemented to save the children in distress such as child labour, run away children, trafficking, sexually abused, child marriage, street children, orphans, begging children etc.

The centre provides service on need of emergency to safeguard the children and provide social protection.

The centre works jointly with the cooperation and coordination of District Administration, Police department, Health department, social welfare, District Child Protection Unit, Child Welfare Committee, Juvenile Justice Board, different government departments (working with allied system) NGOs, local key representatives, and industries.

Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme

Since 2000, crèche program has been implemented by INDO Trust at Samathuvapuram of Elambalur Panchayath, Perambalur district. 14 boys and 16 girls are benefited under the program. Two workers are working in the centre to take care of the children. In the noon, the centre provides nutritious food. Crèche committee is functioning for giving valuable advice and monitoring the centre. The children’s day, Independence day, Republic day are celebrated and provided sweet and special food for children. Village Health Nurse visits the centre and providing health and medical care every month. The education is given along with playing and entertainment. The children are playing with toys and recreation articles. Mr. Perumalsamy, APO, Tamilnadu Social Welfare Board, Chennai visited the centre.

Anna Supplementary Education Centre

Evening Supplementary Education Centre is running well at Earikarai Village with the cooperation of the community. We are stepping into tenth year successfully. The credit of successful implementation of the project goes to Ms. Anna. The age group of 5-14 years studying from first standard to eighth standard is attending the coaching centre in the evening session from 4.45 pm to 6.30 pm. The number of children in the centre was 137; boys are 71 and girls are 66. The centre has been running since last 2004.

School Children – Distribution of Note Books

In ChinnaIlluppurand, Perumalpalayam villages, Indo Trust distributed school learning materials such as note books, Pen; Pencil to 295 school students those who are unable to meet the expenses of school materials. As a result, number of school drop outs has reduced. The program was sponsored by LACiM.