Enhance Unique Civil Society


Attaining Millennium Development Goals with community involvement and participation in working areas


  • To assist in developing the target community of those affected by poverty, oppressions or gender, in social, development of the economical status, legal, human rights, health, medical, educational, environmental, access to resources, natural resources development, panchayat raj and other filed of work directed at people in need and to empower them.
  • To run rural health centre, hospitals, health education centers or institutions for the reception and treatment of persons who suffering from illness and create awareness among the people about social evils, STD, HIV/AIDS and also give the support and care for PLHA.
  • To support the Bonded labour Abolition System Act and Rehabilitation for the Released Bonded Labour through Income Generation Programme
  • To prevent the exploitation of children and to enforce the rights of children and also to work towards abolition of child labour.
  • To run the non-formal education centres or other supplementary education institutions for the downtrodden people of INDIA
  • To manage and make better use of natural resources and to protect and improve the environment towards the development of Sustainable Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Wild Animals, Birds, Land and Water Management, Animal Husbandry, Local Resources, Herbal Plantation etc.,
  • To help women in all possible ways in order to make them Self-Reliant and Self Supportive
  • To improve the quality of life in general, ensure proper access to basic amenities and house hold commodities, promote cultural and recreational activities
  • To achieve Millennium Development Goals