Women Development

Family Counselling Centre

Family Counselling centre has been running since 2000-01 with the support of Central Social Welfare Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. The centre provided counselling services to family members to come over from disputes and reunion with the family for smooth running thereafter. So far we have given counselling to 1371 women under the centre. We are giving individual counselling, group counselling at Centre and villages. We attend Mobile Counselling, Village Awareness meetings, cases of All Women Police Station, Grievance Day / Section of District Administration, Legal Aid Centre.  This centre covers the entire District and handles cases like Family problems such as 1) Family disputes, 2) Extramarital affairs, 3) Suspicious attitude, 4) Dowry Harassments, 5) Alcoholism, 6) Love affairs, 7) Maladjustment / misunderstanding between the spouses / couples and family members etc.

Young Women Workers in the textile and garment sector – ETI Project

The young girls in textile and garment industries in Tirupur, Karur, Erode, Dindigul and Coimbatore are working in unsafe conditions and facing different unwanted issues and problems in the working areas. Indo Trust is implementing the program in 50 villages of Thirumanur and T. Palur blocks of Ariyalur district.

Indo trust conducted general survey in 50 villages and identified 128 adolescent girls working in the textile industry under camp labour.

We have conducted awareness cultural programs in 45 villages in public gathering places with the concepts of government programs, basic information to be known to parents before sending their children to such factories / companies, importance of girls’ education, compulsory education up to 14 years basic employment rights and benefits providing to workers, intimation to home to be given regarding workers often such as

  • Original name of the candidate to be registered
  • Ensure about accommodation and food
  • Provident fund, ESI, Bonus facilities
  • Leave facilities with salary as per government norms
  • Minimum wages per day – Rs. 286.
  • Minimum working timings – 8 hours, if over timings, extra benefits as per norms
  • Ensure about working locations – no sexual abuses, compulsory work
  • Continuing as unskilled labour even after completing training and stipulated working days
  • Refusing to promote as skilled labour